Below you will find our FAQ's however if you are unable to find an answer to your questions below please email us at and we will be happy to answer them for you. 


All terms and conditions stated below and written in personal correspondence with the client (via text/email) will apply, with or without a contract, unless the written contract states otherwise.


Pricing and details are subject to change with no notice. 

How do I secure my event date?

What information do I need to provide for my contract?

What is your cancellation policy? 

What happens if my artist is sick or has an emergency?

What should I do to prep?

What happens if I am running late?

What method of payment do you accept?

What type of work area do you require?

What type of makeup products do you use?

How do I secure my event date?

To secure your date(s)/time(s) we take a 50% deposit per booking unless otherwise stated. For large group bookings a 50% deposit will be taken, with the remaining balance to be due on a set date prior to your event(s). Bookings are only confirmed once a contract has been drafted and a deposit has been paid and accepted. You may e-transfer the funds to or arrange a time & date to drop it off to said location.

What is your cancellation policy?


Due to the courtesy of blocking out a certain amount of time/days toward each booking which prevents others from taking your blocked time, all deposit(s) are non-refundable and non-transferable. If only a portion of service(s) is cancelled, the deposit allocated for that service(s) would also be forfeited.

All deposit(s) are non-refundable and non-transferable and will result in forfeiture of monies on all cancellations regardless of notice time.

  • Cancellations can be made up to 60 days before the event date without any additional penalties.

  • If a cancellation is made 30 days prior to your event date, 50% of the remaining contract amount will also be charged.

  • If a cancellation is made with less than 30 days to your event date you will then be charged 100% of the total  contract amount. This includes no-shows and missed appointments, with or without completed service.

  • If a portion of service(s) is cancelled which results in a significant change in the contracted amount, the artist will then also have the option to reconsider the remaining booking/contract. 


What happens if my artist is sick or has an emergency?


In the event that the contracted artist is unable to perform the services agreed upon due to an emergency, illness, or unexpected occurrence a trusted substitute artist will be assigned and informed of the agreed upon contract. If you find these new arrangements unsatisfactory, your deposit will be returned and contract nullified at your request. 

What should I do to prep?


For Hair Services:

  • Wash and blowdry your hair completely straight the night before.

  • Do not use any products/serums/oils or flat iron to the hair.

  • If you require a blowout or curler set as your hairstyle please advise in advance.

  • If the hair artist has to blow-dry your hair before styling because it is still wet you will be charged additionally

  • All extensions must be shampoo washed and completely dried before their first use for best results (Note: All hair extensions and accessories must be provided by the client.) 


For Makeup Services:

  • Prep your skin with an oil free moisturizer, exfoliate your lips, & thread/tweeze or wax facial hair for optimal makeup application.


In General:

  • For clients with outfits that are difficult to wear over their heads please have your tops on prior to your appointment start time.

  • For large parties please ensure clients are available 10-15minutes prior to their appointed time.

What information do you need for our contract?


Please fill out the Beauty Contract Form under "Contact".

What happens if I am running late?


It is imperative that clients inform the artist ahead of time of any delays that might occur due to traditions etc. for one-day

events as well as any time restrictions so that they can be accounted for ahead of time.

Please note we are typically booked back to back and we do not have the flexibility to honour late clients.

In the event that a client is later then 20 minutes for their scheduled appointment they risk having their appointment cancelled along with the forfeiture of deposits already paid and/or a minimum $60 late fee.



What method of payment do you accept?


Only deposits can be made through e-transfer or money order prior to your event dates. All balance dues are to be made in cash & in person on the day of the event. 


The final balance is due on the day of the event as one payment to the artist. The person(s) responsible for the entire payment is the person(s) who has signed/agreed to the contract. For large parties it is suggested that one designated person collect the entire balance and pay it to the artist. The artist is not responsible for collecting the balances due in portions from individual clients.


What type of work area do you require?


The location of service for the day of the event will be at the discretion of the client.


A setup/work table needs to be made available for the artist at said location. Ample lighting, whether by means of natural light or by lamps is necessary for services to be performed properly.


There must be access to a wall plug & electricity for the artist's tools. If this is not available in the chosen area please advise ahead of time. In the event the plug is in an inconvenient/unsafe location then an extension cord must be provided so that the artist is able to plug in her tools and work in a comfortable/safe area.


What type of makeup products do you use?


Each Artists kit varies based on their personal preference however we pride ourselves on the quality of our makeup as well as the application.

Clients with skin conditions & sensitivities who prefer to use in their own makeup or favorites are more then welcome to. Please inform your artist of this at the start of your appointment.