Bushra Nazer is a professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in the Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada. 


Her interest in makeup and hair stems from her passion for art and creativity. In pursuing this passion she has been able to build her portfolio in Beauty, Fashion, Film, and Print.


Specializing in Bridal Hair & Makeup she has developed the skill to understand a woman’s face and apply her knowledge of aesthetics to truly create art. Attention to detail and understanding that every woman is beautiful in her own way has helped her develop a key eye for understanding her clients vision and making it come to reality. 


"The way you see yourself affects so much of your day to day and for me to be able impact anyone’s mood with a stroke of a brush is why I love what I do.  For me the most powerful moment is when I turn my client around and show them their end result. It is in those moments I realize the beauty in my line of work because I get to literally watch my client's face light up. I want my clients to feel that their inner beauty matches their outer beauty and it is only then that my job is complete." - Bushra Nazer